I’m not buying books for a while (yikes)

New year’s resolutions aren’t really for me but I made a promises to myself that I think will be useful: For the next six months, I’m not buying new books. Gasp!

The thought is shocking to me and makes me feel a little uncomfortable. The reason I think it would be good not to keep buying books is that my unread stack is getting ridicilously tall. Not buying books means reading on paper. (Although when I first had the idea I bought a whole stack of Kindle books and comics. Counter-productive.)

I need to save money for a while and not buying every book I fancy will help me do that. (Books are not the only things I want to not buy. They were added late to the list.) Reading what I already have will keep me sufficiently busy.

The buying embargo takes effect on February 1st and it does have exceptions, of course:

  • Anything I’ve pre-ordered on ereader or paper will still get bought.
  • When My Favourite Thing is Monsters 2 comes out I will buy it. I’m not waiting a second longer than I have to.
  • I’m still buying new books by people I know. Anything else would be rude.
  • If I come across something I really need for Project 4 research, I’ll get it.

Meanwhile, I look forward to shrinking my to-read pile a little. Maybe by the time the Edinburgh International Book Festival comes around again, I’ll have red the books I bought there last year.

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