After years of writing technical documents I’m turning my hand back to fiction. Despite my attempts to be nice, unexpected and often unpleasant things happen to my characters. They live in a more interesting world than mine and sometimes I envy them. (And then something happens to them that makes me grateful to be safe and sound in a flat in Edinburgh.)

I want to write the kinds of stories that I enjoy reading: new takes on the everyday, set  in a world far, far from the kitchen sink. But writing them isn’t enough. I also want them to be read. This blog charts my efforts to write good stories and find readers for them.

The first step on the road to finding readers is to get published. To that end, I’m writing and sending out short pieces while working on longer, almost book-sized, stories. Eventually, I’ll have stories short and long circulating the publishing houses of the English-speaking world. I hope some of them will land in the hands of readers that enjoy them.

If you’re intersted in my writing, you’ll find some under the STORY category on this site. Not many, but some.