Celebrating Ada Lovelace day: Lady Scientists Stitch & B*tch at Royal Observatory Edinburgh

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Royal Observatory Edinburgh has invited the Lady Scientists to help them celebrate Ada Lovelace day on October 14th.

Madame Lovelace, in whose honor we are invited, is highly conscious of the honor the world has paid her in naming a day for her. I’m convinced she’ll give a spirited account of herself on the night. Madame Sommerville, her old friend, is also delighted to attend. She doesn’t get to see her darling Ada, or indeed her  dear Florence, nearly as often as she would like. Travel becomes more difficult with age, as I am well aware. It is rare that Mademoiselle Nightingale can be tempted away from the hotel she calls home, but she’s promised to tear herself away from her statistical endeavors. I expect Madame Darwin will join us, as usual. She’s a shy one, is Emma Darwin. Not so madame Payne-Gaposchkin, who is rather free with her opinions. She has expressed her interest in the observatory itself, and its facilities.

Of course, without the chronologist who brings us all together our soirés are not possible and we do so enjoy them. It is good to know that she keeps her equipment in working order. A rigorous approach and attention to detail is crucial to good science.

Lady Scientists Stitch & B*tch takes place at Royal Observatory Edinburgh, on Blackford Hill. The event starts at 18:30 and is free, but ticketed. To reserve a seat, email vis@roe.ac.uk.

I hope to see you there.


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