Finding the peace to write

Ideas isn’t the only thing I sometimes have problems finding. Calm is another. I get off work and want to sit down and write but it’s easier said than down. Most people have impressive strategies for procrastination, faffing and “I’ll just…” that gets between them and doing what they want to do. Writing takes concentration so you need to get into the groove as quickly as possible.

Strategies for getting going

  1. Don’t write where you work.
  2. Avoid distractions:
    • Separate research from writing and close all internet browsers.
    • Turn the television off.
    • Tell your loved ones to leave you alone.
    • Don’t answer the phone.
  3. Avoid editing until the story is down.
  4. Just write. Any which way.

I write until I run down or get stuck. It’s probably not the best approach. Ernest Hemmingway wrote three hours every morning, I’m told, and stopped when he knew what was happening next and had a good flow so that he’d be eager to start again. That would work. I’ve not yet managed to stop when I’m mid-flow, though. It’s hard to stop when it’s going well.