Shameless plug: FREAK Circus magazine and showcase

Last week I had a cold and, disappointingly, was too ill to go to the launch of FREAK Circus, the new Edinburgh-based literary magazine. Matching theme to name, the first issue presents at all kinds of prose and poetry freakishness. My contribution, Mouth, is about a young woman who has odd growths on her side. Some things you can get used to, some you can’t. (If you want to read Mouth, buy FREAK Circus. Links to paper and Kindle copies below.)

If you want to find out more about the magazine, why not attend the free FREAK Circus show case at the Bongo Club on November 6th, 19:00? I’m looking forward to it and see it as a launch party for those of us who missed the launch party.


Illicit Ink: Invisible Ink, tales of espionage

Invisible Ink, The Bongo Club, July 1st, 2012
Invisible Ink, The Bongo Club, July 1st, 2012. Be there or never hear the end of it.

Did I mention I’d signed up for reading at another Illicit Ink event? Only once? It’s due a second mention, then.

This event’s called Invisible Ink and is on this weekend (Sunday, July 1st). You should go. Everyone should. Because it will be awesome.

I wrote two stories for this event but can only read one. The one we’ve chosen is set in Whitby and is towards the sweet end of things as stories go. The other story, which needs a little more work, I have a market in mind for but we’ll see how it goes. I’m trying to keep it sharp and flash but need to cut some words in order to add others that make us care about the main character.

Never mind that, this is where to go on Sunday

Go to the Invisible Ink Facebook page and tell the world you’re going. Then get your friends to come too. That’s what social media’s all about so go be social. (Yeah, baby, yeah?)

If my reading isn’t enough to tempt you – and I’d understand if it isn’t – know that Scotland Tonight’s David Marsland is comparing and Alan Bisset is performing. All this, chocolate cigars and no entrance fee!

The Bongo Club, July 1st, 2012, doors open 19:30.
Moray House, 37 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

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Outer space comes to Edinburgh

Back in October, I did my first public reading at an Illicit Ink event called Monsters Ink. It was good fun and having practiced public reading in Penicuik I’m back for more. At the next event, on March 4th, I’ll be reading a story I wrote for the event. It’s a short story – with 7 minutes running time it can’t be more than about 1,200 words – about a boy and his rocket. Sort of. The theme of the evening is outer space and the event is called When Words Collide.

It’s a good night with a good mix of story tellers, some of which turn up in character. But not me. Oh no, not me.

When and where: The Bongo Club, Holyrood Road, 20:00 – 22:00. (Map below.)

What: short-story readings from a dozen or so local writer, reading their own stories about outer space.

That’s all I have planned for this quarter. If I sign up to any other spoken word events I’ll post them on the Events page.

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