NaNoWriMo 2018: week 4 and I’m almost there!

So this is it. We’re four weeks in and I have no idea what happened to the time. I have two days to go and, looking at my outline, I’m in a good place.

By ‘in a good place’ I mean that my outline has lots of bright yellow highlighter on it. Yellow = covered. Hurrah. Or maybe not.

From the first week, I’ve worried that my outline is lacking. Last year, I spent some time updating the outline and adding scenes or beats on the days I didn’t do much writing. This year I was busy on the non-writing days. And on some of the writing days too. So I shouldn’t have been surprised this morning when I got to the end of the outline and realised that it doesn’t cover the climax of one of the main story lines. It goes from what I think of as 80% complete story to epilogue in one clumsy step. Luckily, I’ve been writing bits of that plot already and plan to write a few crucial scenes tomorrow morning.

On Friday – by which time I expect to already have hit 50K – I will comb through the outline and highlight the remaining un-addressed scenes in either yellow or grey* .

Then, I’m done.

On Sunday, I start final edits on last years’ project. And so it goes.

I’m reading Caimh McDonnell’s A Man With One Of Those Faces because it has nothing to do with anything I’m writing about. For the right emotional feel, I’ve been listening to First Aid Kit and The National when writing.

28 November 2018: 47,217

* Grey = nah.

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