NaNoWriMo 2017: Week three and it’s getting difficult

I’m still ahead but it’s getting a lot more difficult. It took a while but I’ve figured out why.

I’m writing to a part of the outline I haven’t reviewed as thoroughly as I did the first half so I’m having to make more decisions as I go. I’ve also realised that I’ve made a couple of mistakes in the timeline. That’s more annoying than serious as I can adjust it fairly easily. But it nags at me.

More importantly, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to shut up my internal editor. That hyper-critical wee bugger keeps popping its head up and asking unhelpful questions like “what is it with writers and cafés?” and “remind me again, why do we care?”. These will be useful questions but they aren’t now.

What I need is the child-like feeling of creative joy that lets me write like a loon and kind of think it’s all wonderful while knowing it’s not. That mindset is a fragile magic, a cognitive dissonance I actively seek.

We’re not far from the end and I should reach 50K* in the next couple of days. The question is: do I have the persistance to continue writing until the 30th?

* 50K = win!

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