Lady Scientists stitch again?

In April, we performed Lady Scientist Stitch and B*tch as part of the Science Festival. Somewhere between a reading and a play, the performance saw six scientists talking to each other about their careers and lives.

We heard nice things from the audience, but we, the performers, really enjoyed writing the stories and working together. Collaboration is rewarding and you always create something bigger than when you work alone. We have been looking at ways to take the stories further and were hoping to do a repeat – improved – performance at some point. We’re looking at weaving the stories more tightly together, maybe adding other scientists and, to avoid confusion in the knitting community, renaming it ‘B*tch and Stitch‘.

Just after that first performance, the idea that we might do it again was exhilarating but the reality felt far away. Now it feels more real since we’re in discussions about a second and possibly third performance.

Watch this space.

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