Eagerly awaiting a response

I’m still waiting to hear whether some of my stories have made it or not. I know that it can take a very long time before you find out. Duotrope has lists of markets that are slow and swift. Response times range from a from a super-swift average of 0.4 days for a response, to a deathly slow 392.2 days.

392.2 days. That’s a year and a month.

The places I’ve submitted to won’t make me wait that long, I know it. Still, I look for a response every day. Even for the one that has over a month before the deadline ends.

I think it might take a while before I get used to waiting to hear.

5 comments on “Eagerly awaiting a response

  1. In my experience it’s variable.

    I submitted to one magazine and it took 4 1/2 months to get the form rejection back… I wrote to another and got a very nice rejection letter within the month. I sent off to another higher profile lit-fic magazine and was completly ignored.

    From what I know the systems used vary a great deal from place to place. Which reminds me… I really must get more submissions out there.

  2. More submissions is definitely the way to go!

    (I’m told that, eventually, the seasoned story-submitter no longer waits impatiently for responses. I’m not sure I believe it, mind.)

  3. I have to say you’re both preaching to the converted.

    A bit more standardisation would be nice.

    I appreciate clear submissions guidelines (do you want it SMF or not? If not how do you want it? If I’m sending it by email, who exactly do I address it to?).

    So far I think that Clarkesworld have the best submissions policy I’ve seen: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/submissions/

    And they let you know what’s happening. Of course they’re also extraordinarily difficult to get published in… [quite rightly]

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